Author Kashef Javeed publishes ‘99 Expressions’

Poetry book shares poems that cover subjects about everyone’s life, world they are living in

MIAMI – Those who have known author Kashef Javeed considers him as being an extremely emotional and moody person. He thinks that when one is sensitive, one becomes emotional and moody which for him is an ingredient that is not only important but also influential in order to express. His emotional quality allowed him to express himself through painting and writing poems. This led him in writing “99 Expressions,” (published by Xlibris) a poem collection that depicts his emotions on a number of subjects.


This book shares some of his poems on several subjects/topics that relate with everyone’s life and the world they are living in. It covers subjects that talk about the world, religion, war, peace, family and love.


“The topics I covered in this book are universal and will be everlasting,” Javeed says. “This book transcends the boundaries of time and is based on my personal experience.”


Through the publication of “99 Expressions,” Javeed hopes the poems can trigger a few thoughts and ultimately lead readers to positive actions.