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“If I cease searching, then, woe is me, I am lost. That is how I look at it – keep going, keep going come what may”.― Vincent van Gogh!

This book is a sequel to “Question Marks”. I may have found some answers but the journey is long and strenuous because the more I search, more questions arise. Hence the search continues. All of us are in search of…..

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Question Marks (2016)

“Reason is the shadow cast by God. God is the sun.” – Rumi! My purpose in this book is to question and reason. I am still trying to explore people, society, culture, love, relationships, religion, life, universe, God and most of all myself. I am constantly questioning and trying to reason. Perhaps I am going through a period of transition. Perhaps I am in the process of transformation. Aren’t we all at some stage of our lives? I feel blessed…..

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99 Expressions (2015)

People who have known author Kashef Javeed refer to him as being an extremely emotional and moody person which he takes as a compliment. He considers these qualities as helpful in expressing himself through poetry. In 99 Expressions, Javeed shares a collection of his critical impressions that depicts his emotions on a number of varied subjects through poetry. He abstains from giving even the slightest detail as he leaves it to the readers to interpret and understand his poems in…..

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Drops Of Truth

Drops of Truth (1999)

Every poem addresses a subject, a dilemma, a problem, a feeling faced, experienced by each one of us in this time and age. Versatile, Meaningful and yet so Simple. Every single poem is indeed a drop of truth falling for the reader to witness and analyze!

Fading Hopes

Fading Hopes (1992)

A poetic version of the challenges faced in the age of adolescence by someone who is coming to terms with life, first crush, relationships, career options, lack of opportunities, misunderstandings and other challenges. Dejected and frustrated by the surrounding circumstances. Simple and straight to the point!