This book is a sequel to “Question Marks”. The poems are reflections of my thoughts. I may have found some answers but the journey is long and strenuous because the more I search, more questions arise. Hence the search continues. We all aspire for something. We are all in search of something. I hope it resonates with you.

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Question Marks (2016)

The author seeks a riveting yet rational reason. He seeks a profound yet purified truth. He seeks a luring yet logical answer. He seeks a boisterous yet believing reality. Even the Almighty God encourages one to seek as He encourages us to question and reason.

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99 Expressions (2015)

Nassim Nicholas Taleb was once quoted as saying, “If you want to annoy a poet, explain his poetry”. He summed it all up. How does one explain poetry? How does one for that matter explain, describe or define any form of creativity? Arguably it is a state of mind, an emotion but how does one measure emotion?

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Drops Of Truth

Drops of Truth (1999)

Every poem addresses a subject, a dilemma, a problem, a feeling faced, experienced by each one of us in this time and age. Versatile, Meaningful and yet so Simple. Every single poem is indeed a drop of truth falling for the reader to witness and analyze!


Fading Hopes

Fading Hopes (1992)

A poetic version of the challenges faced in the age of adolescence by someone who is coming to terms with life, first crush, relationships, career options, lack of opportunities, misunderstandings and other challenges. Dejected and frustrated by the surrounding circumstances. Simple and straight to the point!